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Updated: Oct 5, 2022

We have reached around the globe for our latest collaboration. We are now in production with Nigerian singer, Tarrah. Tarrah is a music veteran. She is a seasoned songwriter with many credits to her name as a singer and film composer. She has recorded over 50 songs under her indie record label, Davida Music. She has performed on various live stages across Nigeria and the USA. GHR sought out Tarrah after Shirley heard her singing on the soundtrack of the movie she was watching, “Still Falling”. She just HAD to know who the singer was. Through research, Shirley was able to contact Tarrah directly. Shirley’s diligence has resulted in a relationship that has spawned three collaborations. Tarrah will release “Sunny Side Up” as her first single from that collab and we are excited to see the world embrace her phenomenal talent. More to come on this amazing artist.

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